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Hydrogen Sensors
Hydrogen Specific Sensors for Leak Detection, Area Monitoring and Flame Detectors for Laboratories & Industrial Applications
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Hydrogen Analyzers
Portable, Fixed and In-Line Hydrogen and Multi-Gas Analyzers for Laboratory & Industrial Applications
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Fuel Cell Systems
20W to 5kW + Stationary & Portable Systems for Niche Projects, Research, Engineering Competitions PEM, DMFC, SOFC, DFC Technologies
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Gas Conditioning
Humidifiers, Evaporators, Flow and Pressure Control and Monitoring Equipment + more
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Power Management
ElectroChemical Equipment, DC/DC Converters, DC/AC Inverters, Charge Controllers, Power Supplies + more
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Hydrogen Systems
Hydrogen Generators, Metal Hydride Storage, Hydrogen Compression Systems + more...
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Video Center Welcome
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Energy & Sustainability Reports
Is your facility's energy profile suitable for OnSite Co-Generation Power?   Commercial and industrial facilities with the appropriate energy profile are able to receive up to 100% project financing with NPV Project Returns of $250k to over $5M.   Contact Consult@TheHydrogenCompany.com for a FREE, Fast Non-Intrusive Energy Profile Assessment & Report that includes...Review of applicable OnSite Power TechnologiesIntegration ConsiderationsRecommendationIncentive Savings Opportunities (Fed, State & Utility) Project NPV / Payback TermReturn on I... more
2012 Cleantech Open - HEVT
Competitions that Launch and Grow Cleantech Businesses

The Cleantech Open runs the world’s largest cleantech accelerator. We provide entrepreneurs and technologists the resources needed to launch successful cleantech companies. Our mission is to find, fund and foster entrepreneurs with big ideas that address today’s most urgent energy, environmental and economic challenges.

Since its inception in 2006, the Cleantech Open has awarded over $5 million in cash and services to support cleantech growth companies. The 581 participating comp... more

Valued Customers
Universidad de Concepcion
Lawrence Livermore National Lab
Birmingham University
Mississippi Power Company
Guard Tronic, Inc.
Lansing Board of Water & Light
Robert Bosch GmbH
Tri Alpha Energy
The Chamberlain Group Inc.
Stanford University
Cobalt Biofuels
Fundacao COPPETEC - Brazil
Southern Taiwan University
SCANA Corporation
Dept. of Law & Public Safety
Eastman Chemical Co
EaglePicher Technologies
Diversitech, Inc.
Chiao Tung University
Oceaneering International
United States FBI
Mirant Corporation
University of Victoria
University of South Carolina
University of Puerto Rico
University of North Dakota
University of Arizona
University of Calgary
Universidade do Porto
Universidade De Averio
UNAM of Mexico
Texas Christian University
Temple University
State of Alaska
Penn State University
New York University
N.T.U. of Athens
Lakeview High School
Florida State University
California Water Service
BAE Systems
Arizona State University
Air Gas
Air Products
Alabama Power Company
University of Connecticut
University of Alaska
NREL National Lab
U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service
General Motors
American Superconductor
Featured Products
H-100 PEM FC System (100W)
Widest range of standard "off-the-shelf" PEM fuel cell systems today from 10W to 5kW (deliverable within 1 to 4 weeks), as well as customized fuel cell system configurations up to 30kW.
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P-100 Humidifier (0 - 100 l/min)
The P-series humidifiers make it possible to completely set the humidity, temperature and flow rate of a gas; suitable for flow rates in the range 0 to 250 (l/min), from vacuum to 20bar
Product Price : $18500.00
Product Information
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KnowzNet™ Control Panel
8-Sensor any gas detection system with master relay & optional zone relays.Price range: $713 to $941 (Panel only) Heads: $92 to $293 depending on type.
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Product Information
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